Connector Assortment : You can use the connectors shown in the picture in your next project. The assortment includes: 6, 6-32x3/8 inch Phillips-head screws; 6, 6-32x1/4 screws; 12, 6-32 hex nuts; 6, 4-40x3/8 screws; 6, 4-40 by 1/4 screws; 12, 4-40 hex nuts; 6, #6 solder lugs; 2, 1-inch x1/2 nylon rod; 2, 1.5 inch x1/4 nylon rod. Examples: you can use a screw, solder lug, and nut to provide for a connection to the frame of one of the air variable capacitors listed below. You can use the two nylon parts and two 4-40 x1/4 screws to form a shaft extender for a variable capacitor as shown in the second picture at top left below the bigger picture.