Build an inexpensive radio out of an oat meal box. The pack includes 1 Spool (100 feet) #24 wire, 1 IN34 Diode, 1 100 pf Capacitor, 1 47K Resistor, 3 alligator clips, 1 ceramic, hi impedance ear piece, 5 6-32 by ½ machine screws, 10 6-32 nuts, 5 #6 solder lugs -- you provide the box (eat the oatmeal, it's good for you!) and an antenna.  CLICK HERE  to download the plans stored on our website. Great for classes, scouting, and science fairs -- easy for kids to put together, with adult supervision. Attention beginners and mentors. J. K Fenton has written "Building Your First Crystal Radio," See the book section of this catalog to order.