Parabolic Dish, 12 Inch


The Parabolic Dish Kit includes the dish, piezo sensor, sensor PCB, 3 struts, instrumentation bracket, pistol grip, and hardware. The kit manual includes assembly instructions, mounting techniques for the Ultra-RX3, a discussion on parabolic dish gain, and references. Assembly time is about one hour, requiring pliers, screw drivers, and a soldering iron. Our clear plastic 12-in diameter 8-inch focal length parabolic dish is designed to work with a 400SR16 or similar piezo transducer (PZT). It achieves pressure gains over the sensor alone at 40 kHz of 27 to 28 dB, narrowing the field of view from 50 to less than 3 degrees.

In some ultrasound applications, it is useful to narrow the field of view of the sensor, which alone has a typical beam width of 50 to 60 degrees. Very narrow beam widths are desirable when trying to locate targets at a distance, such as sparking equipment on AC power distribution systems or one of a number of biological sources. For objects that are close at hand, using a receive alone, like our RX-3, is preferred.

The dish assembly can be used with our Ultra-RX3 ultrasound receiver – sold separately – or another device. A weak spark (generated by 400 volts or more on a AC power distribution line) or bat transmissions will produce pressure waves with an RMS pressure of roughly 0.5 to 5.0 Pa (75 micro-psi) at ten feet. The dish pinpoints the source location and an added receiver provides for recording or headphone reception.

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