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Our “Little Wonder” is a super starter kit for kids and beginning adult builders! It tunes the entire broadcast band. The extra large solder pads make it easy for beginning builders to have a successful first radio. There are only a few solder joints, and the pads are spread out making it clean and simple to assemble. The “Little Wonder” was designed especially for the XSS by our founder, Grampa Phil, WØXI. We tried to combine everything we’ve learned about building radios with beginners and kids to create a radio that everyone can build the first time. There is no coil to wind, a high resonant frequency molded choke has been used in place of the coil. A nice photo diagram is included showing all the parts and their placement on the printed circuit board (PCB) . This radio is perfect for parents and grandparents to build with kids. It is also priced right for classroom use, and can be used to teach basic radio theory, soldering, and handling of electronic parts and PCB’s. Kit includes a high impedance crystal earplug. A super performer and a great little kit; you’ve got to have one!