Crystal Radio Projects from Newsletter Vols 12 & 13

You’ll want to see the many wonderful pictures of in-process and completed sets, including Dan’s “Modern Morgan,” featured on the cover, and Mike’s version of the famous “Oat Box Crystal Set.” Here’s just a taste of the articles, subjects, and projects included: a regenerative receiver, receiving condensers, a band-pass loop stick radio, a short-wave crystal set, “Build Your Own Cats Whisker Detector,” “Doing the Doerle,” a super selective set, “Queen Rebecca’s Got a New Loopy-Loop,” “A CD-ROM Radio,” developing an inductance formula for the spiral wound square loops, and more. One aspect of being a crystal radio hobbyist is making radios from things simply lying around the house. Alex Jueschke’s article, “Quality Headset from a Magnet, a Relay, and a Can of Peanuts,” described on pages 60-61, nicely represents this part of the hobby. 8-1/2 by 11 inches, 135 pages, perfect bound, $15.95