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You’ll find 20 complete projects in this great Crystal Radio book! Each project has step-by-step instructions, parts lists, photos and schematics. Build a simple radio from a closet rod, or a more complicated TRF, 1-Tube Radio. Also included are projects modeled after old radio articles, like the Radio in a Greeting card that you make a and then mail it to your radio friends. Many of the projects have templates for coil forms and front panels. You’ll find plans for Gilligan’s Radio to make a receiver out of stuff around the house such as tin foil, mailing tubes, and wire! Included are simple projects that are fun to build with kids, like the little radio based on the “Knight” kits from the 1950’s Allied Radio kits. In addition there are increasingly harder projects for those wanting to build more complicated sets including circuits with series/parallel antenna tuning, full broadcast band tuning, and a tuneable wave trap. There are projects based on Alfred P. Morgans 1918 book, “The Boys First Book of Radio and Electronics,” along with more advanced sets like the AM Loose Coupler that was used by the Navy in the early days. You’ll also find other articles showing how to build radio components like capacitors out of modern CD’s and headphones out of shoe polish cans. Build a big loop antenna around your doorway like they did in WWII to hide their radios from the authorities...also learn how to fix up those old antique headphones you bought. Whatever level you are at you’ll find more than a few projects to keep you busy!    Get a copy today!  8 ½ x 11 paperback, 226 pgs     $14.95